Cook Inertial Propulsion?US Patent #4238968
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Animation and Explanation of a Theoretical 8 Rotor CIP Engine
Animation and Explanation by Victor Cook

(Please be patient while the animation loads.)

PHASE 1: The rotors (yellow)  are  at the mass exchange point. The masses (bright blue) are being dropped off by the pickup arms (black).  There is no shock to the system during the weight transfer.

PHASE 2: The masses are at their optimum centrifugal force imbalance at this point.  When coupled with a counter rotating unit, this would be the peak of the centrifugal force imbalance.  The device would move toward the viewer from this angle.

PHASE 3: The rotors have now reached the exchange point with the pickup arms after 45° of arm rotation.  The masses transfer back to the pickup arms at this point, again with no shock.

PHASE 4: The masses once again generate their optimum centrifugal force imbalance at this point.  The imbalance is independent of whether the masses are on the rotors or the pickup arms.  The cycle repeats itself after this phase. 


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