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Endorsements Of the CIP Principle

The following are professionals who have endorsed Mr. Robert Cook’s Inertial Propulsion Engine after extensive observation: 

  • Richard Rose
    • FAA Certified Structural DER (Designated Engineering Representative)- MIT 1949?  Wichita, Kansas
      • Work Phone: 316-523-1130 (Monday through Friday)
  • John Lu Valle
    • Physicist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory? Pasadena, California
  • Gary Szuminski
    • Engineer, General Electric, Jet Engine Division? Cincinnati, Ohio
  • R. T. (Ron) Cook
    • Project Engineer for Advanced Booster Engines Technology, Rocketdyne? Canoga Park, California
  • David W. Stephens
    • Project Manager, Senior Staff Engineer, Launch & Operations, Northrop Grumman Space Technology
      • One Space Park, R10/1312
        Redondo Beach, CA  90278
      • Office Phone:  310-812-2444
        Mobile Phone:  310-339-8055
  • David Doll
    • Director of Jet Maintenance,United Airlines? San Francisco, California

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