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  1. In 1971 the engineering department of United Airlines tested a model of my invention. In their report of 9/10/71 #D-71-77 they explain exactly why and how it worked. They knew that it violated certain laws.

    In a report dated 12/27/72 they explain that a series of "accelerometer" tests they conducted also shows that Cook's invention WORKS. The print out from their polygraph recorder confirms this FACT. This model was tested while mounted on air bearings.  Everyone who called these tests into question were told by United engineers that they would stand on their record. Namely that Bob's mechanism had violated TWO major laws of motion.  In October 1979 a one rotor model of Cook's device was tested by (no less of an authority than the CHAIRMAN of the Physics department at the University of California-Davis) Dr. Ching Fong. He prepared a dynamics analysis which Bob has a copy of.

    Along with Fong were several other engineers who witnessed the testing. Everyone present were satisfied that the system WORKED. One of the engineers (Joel Dickinson) wrote a complete book which he called "The Death of Rocketry". He flat-out said that the principle worked!

  2. In June of 1982 a 12 rotor model of Cook's invention was mounted on "Air Bearings" and made to propel on a certified level and smooth "micro top table". This series of tests were SUCCESSFULLY conducted at Butler Industries of Valencia, California. Again several engineers agreed that this model had succeeded in proving that it worked! The model was video taped propelling itself while floating on Air!  Bob has a video copy of that test.

    A designated Engineering Representative (DER) in structures from the FAA, Richard Rose (who conducted the test at Butler Industries and is an MIT graduate) then proceeded to do both a Dynamics and Parametric study on the system. He showed in these reports why and how the system worked.

  3. In a May 1982 issue of Science Digest is a report from a NASA scientist Alan Holt who supports Cook and his ideas. Holt saw the 12 rotor unit work.

  4. In 1989 John Lu Valle from JPL did 3 days of testing on a 6 rotor model. His conclusion was that the system worked and the scientists should prepare to write some new laws of motion. Bob has his 6 page written report and a video of him conducting the testing.

  5. Later in 1990 David Stephens of Hughes Aircraft did a study which convinced him that Cook's principle was proven and in a letter (Fax- David Stephens) to a party in southern California he stated that if he had the money he would be willing to spend up to $500,000 to prove or disprove beyond doubt whether or the Cook idea worked or not. He reported seeing very convincing evidence that the system worked after doing a computer simulation.

  6. Furthermore in 1993 a scientist at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (with a Ph. D. in physics) after going over the reports on my invention, plainly stated "There goes Newton down the tubes!"

  7. In 1994, Professor Lynden Herbert with a Ph. D. in science from Oxford University studied the reports on the idea and became convinced that it worked without a doubt. He stated his case very thoroughly in a book he wrote on what he called "The Extraordinary Discovery of Robert Leaton Cook". The name of the book is "The Man Who Changed The Future".

    Towards the end of the book Lynden Herbert says this about Bob, "The true source of power has been revealed very succinctly, once again in one last gesture of tolerance and benevolence through Robert Cook's DISCOVERY of the Internal Force."

    The book ends with:

    "Suddenly The Way is open."

    "Carpe Diem- Seize the Day."

  8. In 1997 in a computer simulation conducted by Dr. Paul Mitiguy of Knowledge Revolution of San Mateo, he acknowledged finding an interesting impulse produced by the system. Although Dr. Mitiguy did not know it, this was a unidirectional force deemed impossible by Newton's law.

In view of all these facts Bob Cook feels justified in believing that his invention works.



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