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The Good News on Energy and a Call for Help

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The Good News on Energy and a Call for Help

By Robert Cook


—Monday, May 21, 2001

Recently as I read the latest on the world’s energy and water problems, certain words kept running through my mind:  “The Emperor’s New Clothes”; The Protocols of the Wise Elders, “Professing themselves to be wise they became fools.”

 Hello!  I am Robert Cook a new resident of Taft, California and a self professed “trouble shooter”, whose specialty is fixing broken down machinery especially the super complex kind.  I have fixed many things over the years- cars, airplanes, city waterworks, printing presses etc. etc.  In some cases I redesigned equipment to make it work better.  I have taken great care in keeping down the cost of fixing things.

 Many years ago I saw that the most complicated of all machinery (the planet earth) was being ruined by those responsible for its up keep.  The main problem as I saw it was caused by the burning of too much fossil fuel, coal, oil and gasoline.  This is the direct cause of bad weather (which damages crops) and an ever increasing number of earthquakes all over the world.  With this comes all kinds of misery and death (in the millions).  And because of this, for over 33 years I have worked on developing a new propulsion system and a new clean energy source.  The propulsion system (CIP engine) has been proven beyond doubt to all qualified experts who have tested models of the system.  In proving this principle I have uncovered some very serious mistakes in the laws of physics.  Namely that Newton’s 3rd law of “Action and Reaction” as well as John Wallis’ “Conservation of Angular Momentum” law which basically states:  Angular momentum cannot be converted into a linear or translational force, because it has none to give.  This law was plagiarized by Newton and tied to his 3rd law which he plagiarized from Archimedes.


The Proof

 The Cook principle was accepted by engineers from United Airlines as far back as 1971 after they tested a very crude working model.  In 1972 an improved model was given an “accelerometer test” which proved beyond doubt that the impossible had been achieved.  A true reactionless drive (which wrecked the entire foundation of physics and mechanics) had been successfully demonstrated and a complete dynamics analysis report was written up showing mathematically why and how the system worked and how it could be improved!  Nobody in the scientific community believed the United Airlines report except the most outstanding scientists and engineers that conducted objective studies of their own.  The “mediocre” so called experts refused to even look at this United Airlines report or give Robert Cook a chance to demonstrate the working model or explain how the system worked.  However, highly qualified people who took time to see the working models and prepared their own reports were not afraid to publicly endorse the CIP engine principle.  The first outstanding professional to go on record as being convinced that Robert Cook was right (and Newton et al were wrong) was none other than professor Ching Cao Fong, who at the time was the CHAIRMAN of the PHYSICS DEPARTMENT at the University of CALIFORNIA at Davis California.  He has a doctorate degree in Solid State physics.

 In a front page article in the February 3, 1980 issue of The Vallejo (California) Times- Herald, Dr. Fong is quoted as saying that he believes that the CIP principle is about 30% energy efficient and he used the United Airlines report to reach this conclusion.

 When the other “experts” at Cal Davis read Dr. Fong’s endorsement of Cook in the Vallejo Times- Herald article- he was promptly fired (as chairman) for being a fool and warned that if he ever gave another public endorsement of Cook’s impossible idea- he would be fired completely and would never teach physics again.  Those that punished Dr. Fong for telling the truth, never-ever bothered to examine the working model he had seen demonstrated or bothered to read the United Airlines reports!

 Two years later Alan Holt (a NASA scientist) wrote a favorable article on the CIP engine which was published in the May 1982 issue of Science Digest.  Holt had seen two working models of Cook’s invention.  Cook and Holt met at a symposium staged at the University of Toronto in 1981.  They were both speakers at that meeting.

 Holt’s article in Science Digest was read by Richard Rose (a $12,000 a month engineer with MIT credentials) who then contacted Cook.  What Rose found out after visiting with Cook (who lived in Palmdale, California at the time) was the fact that the 2 working models he and Alan Holt saw, proved that the Cook idea worked beyond doubt!  Rose then proceeded to prepare a complete dynamics analysis report as well as a parametric study.  The reports entailed hundreds of pages and the most advanced mathematics known to man was used to prove that the Cook principle was right.  But the fact that if Cook was right and Newton, Wallis, Einstein and their contemporaries were wrong- it meant that the foundation of physics and mechanics was wrong and the scientific community could not tolerate this.  Cook, Rose, Holt, Fong and David Doll (who wrote the United Airlines report) were labeled well meaning, but totally wrong in their beliefs by many scientists and experts who were asked to help Cook in getting financial support.  They never checked anything out.

 Later in 1982 When Cook joined a limited partnership with several other people- the man in charge of the group’s money, stole all the money and fled to Canada.  It took five years and a fortune for Cook to be free of the law suit that he was hit with.

 In 1996 to 1997 Cook joined a “Group Trust” set up to develop a marine engine using the CIP engine principle.  It was at that time that the German company, Daimler Benz became interested enough with Cook’s work that they agreed to send a group (from Stuttgart, Germany) to see Cook.  When the members of the trust heard about this they became overwhelmed with greed and brought a law suit against Cook to try to strip Cook of all his patent rights.  The suit cost Cook thousands of dollars and work loss of three years but he won the law suit.

 In December of 1998 Cook was invited to demonstrate a working model at Boeing’s Phantom Works in Seattle, Washington (their super secret stealth fighter division).  The engineer that invited Cook was given a very bad time by his peers at Boeing.  Cook was accused of drugging or hypnotizing him into believing that Newton’s laws were wrong etc.  But their attitude changed after they saw what Cook’s machine could do.  Some comments made after the demonstration by some of Boeing’s personnel, “This is the most amazing thing we have ever seen- how do you do it?”  “Boeing must do more to help this man and his idea.”

 In May 1999 an improved model was demonstrated to the Boeing engineers and again positive results were recorded by the “Load Cell” computer combination.  In November 29th and 30th 1999 a history making demonstration was given at Boeing Field when a 2 rotor CIP unit was tested at rotor speeds of over 350 rpm.

 At this speed the machine rotors were picking up 5 pound weights and accelerating them from zero velocity to 1,000 feet per minute in an instant and then in an instant slowing them back to zero velocity and ejecting the weights from the rotor in order to unbalance the arm they were attached to for 180° of arm travel.  This centrifugal force imbalance acting on the revolving arm registered a 5 pound second net propulsive effect that could propel the unit in the vacuum of space or anywhere else.  The most amazing thing was that the recoil of 90 to 100 pounds (demanded by Newton’s 3rd law) failed to appear when the weights were subjected to positive and negative acceleration.

 But this successful demonstration was rejected by two of Boeing’s dynamicists (who never saw the test) because the load cell used to test the device showed a net negative force.  It was later discovered that this negative result was because the load cell was not  connected properly, and further analysis revealed the result should have been positive, but the damage had already been done.  These dynamicists refused to believe what the computer recorded even after the error was corrected.  They demanded that a four rotor (not another two rotor) model be tested by Boeing next time.

 The new four rotor model could have been ready for testing by June of 2000, if all hell had not broke out.  First the one financial backer Cook had at that time insisted on taking over Cook’s technology before backing the project any further.  When Cook refused this demand- the funds were cut off.  Then a shop building where Cook kept some printing equipment had to be evacuated and several months were lost in making this costly move.  Some very valuable machinery had to be sold for junk.  After moving out of the shop the Cook family was then given an eviction notice to move out of their rented house because that house was sold to someone else who wanted to live in it.  The Cook family then moved to Taft, California after being homeless for four months.


The Insanity of All This

I am sure no one could blame me for feeling betrayed and stabbed in the back by all these people that have opposed such a great proven idea. But I feel no anger or hatred towards anybody.  I realize that we all have our shortcomings and greed is one of man’s main character problems.  However I do feel a lot of sadness and grief when I count the loss of life or the misery man brings on himself by not utilizing my life saving inventions. Had this idea been accepted and developed 33 years ago when it was first conceived and presented by Cook to the authorities of that time, thousands of lives per day could have been saved.  A lot of world misery could also have been prevented.

 My only question to the American nation is:  “What is it going to take to wake you up?”

 I have proved that a new science can be applied to our technology to put an end to all the major causes of air and water pollution.  Even the noise pollution at airports can be eliminated.  The brown outs and black outs that are beginning to be felt all over California can be a thing of the past if the people will pitch in and help Cook in various ways to finish the work on the new model that is almost finished.  Boeing has provided all the parts- but no money for Cook to finish the work.  I don’t want to deal with partnerships, trusts or corporations because there are too many crooks ready to steal everything I have.  All those years of court battles have convinced me that only the common, honest and hard working people of America can help get this work finished.  I am very tired of this never ending battle and hope people who read this strange story will figure out a way to help me.  The politicians who are responsible for this horrible, miserable, life destroying mess, cannot be counted on to do anything because they live in  a fantasy world where the truth confuses them.  Some who don’t believe in our Republican form of government are hoping to see it fail so that socialist communism can be forced on the American people.  God help us if they succeed!




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