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Local inventor seeks global interest

By Gene Fisher for the Midway Driller

Robert Cook has had a dream for most of his life to see his invention used worldwide, improving the quality of life everywhere it can.  Men who have recently shared his dream- Dr. Godfrey Mbogori of Kenya and Jide Aremu of Nigeria- visited the inventor and his family last week to discuss strategy.

The Cook Inertial Propulsion (CIP) engine is the first step toward a pushbutton world where oil is no longer the fuel of choice and travel takes minutes instead of hours.  The device itself defies the laws of science originally set down by Isaac Newton.  It can create an action without a reaction.  Power in a single direction, once a scientific impossibility, is now a reality.

The one thing that has kept Cook from achieving his goal has been funding.  In the past, Cook had financial backing to build a model of his design, but now he wants to build a working prototype.

His initial foray into finding the resources necessary led him to frustration as he was bogged down in red tape.  He tried on several occasions to interest big government groups like NASA.  They showed interest, but just gave him a mountain of paperwork to fill out for a government loan.

Now Cook's voice has reached the world.  During a broadcast of the Art Bell show, a nationally syndicated all night radio show, Cook discussed his new ideas and how they could bring about a much-needed change to our world.  His words made it to the ears of Dr. Godfrey Mbogori, a doctorate of business originally from Nairobi.

"I was wondering why this country wasn't jumping at the chance to develop this project," said Mbogori "And if this country doesn't mind, we want to take it and develop it in the third world."

After hearing the broadcast, Mbogori read the books co-authored by Cook, "The Death of Rocketry" and "The Man who changed the [Future]."  This led him to seek out Cook and talk to him about his invention.

After a few phone calls, Cook suggested that Mbogori retain an outside consultant to look at his machine and give an honest opinion. A prominent engineer from Los Angeles came to Taft, tested the CIP machine and told Mbogori that it was a marvel of science.  That sent Mbogori into action, bringing him to Taft.

Since then they have combined their efforts to try and find backers for the project.  "If I had the money myself I would back this machine today," said Mbogori.  "I would have taken him to my country and we would develop the machine right away.  Then we would be envied by the rest of the world."

Mbogori personally feels that the Cook engine could be used to break the hold that oil has over the world.  Much of the current fighting in the Middle East is over the control of oil.  In his country an immense amount of money is paid, not just in buying oil, but also in transporting it to the places it is used.  "This machine would allow us to irrigate remote farms," said Mbogori, "ones that cannot be reached by oil."


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